Curriculum Vitae

Brief Profile:
I’m a graphic designer and writer with twenty five years’ experience in various media fields including screenwriting, animation, computer games and interactive television. I’m also the creator of the award-winning Scarfolk Council website, which was adapted into a book and is now in development to become a TV series.

Design Experience:

Scarfolk Council
My satirical website, which I design and write) has received millions of hits. Noted for its authentic imitation of 1970s graphics, it has received international praise from critics, journalists and broadcasters. Articles and interviews have appeared in publications such as Creative Review, The Independent, The Telegraph, Stylenoir, Rue Morgue, Shindig! as well as online at Boing-Boing, Dangerous Minds, The British Science Association, Digital Arts Online and Design Week. A book adaptation called Discovering Scarfolk was published by Ebury Press in October 2014. Additionally, a television series based on the world of Scarfolk is currently in development at Retort productions. Scarfolk online: Blog:  Twitter: @Scarfolk (2013 - ).

Alice's Pig
I created the company logo, brand bible and many marketing graphics for this London-based fashion label (2012 - ).

Designer of the Cluster's online journal, Transcultural Studies, including the journal logo. I also designed the look of the Cluster's "Asia and Europe in a Global Context" publication series, due to be released over the next few years. Additionally, I digitally restore archival images (2009-2011).

yU+co Film Design and Production (US) yU+co Lab (China):
Creative consultant on an interactive environment project for the MTR (Mass Transit Railway) union-square development in Hong Kong.
I have also worked on various developments for Nike (an interactive motion wall); HSBC (An in-store video wall that welcomed customers); Martell (A TV commercial); Coca Cola (A TV commercial), and others. (2005-2009)

Two Way TV (UK & US):
While fulfilling my role of senior graphic designer I created streaming video and graphic content for Two Way Tv’s interactive TV channel. I also designed products for organisations such as the BBC, MTV, Disney, Channel 4, Gameshow Network, Reebok, Pepsi, and Adidas amongst others.
Games included: 15-1, MTV Music, Double-Die, Film 2000, Ask the Family, Adidas Sports Challenge, Tactiles and others.
In addition, I supervised the work of other designers and editors as well as commissioned out-of-house resources. One of my final projects saw me conceive and direct Two Way TV’s commercial for NTL. (06/1999 -10/2002)

Intelligent Games:
Lead artist for Psygnosis' Pro 18 World Tour Golf and Electronic Art's PGA European tour '96 golf games (plus the various add-on disks for PC & Playstation). My final project was development work for a Formula 1 management game. (09/1995 - 05/1999)

I storyboarded two drama series for director, Philip Draycott: Kinsey and Virtual Murder. (1991)

Other Design Work:

Over the years I worked on many contract design projects. A selection includes promotional graphics for Ninja Tune's Coldcut release Only Heaven: development work for a Marlboro cigarettes interactive kiosk (CHBI); designing Jamiroquai’s interactive web site for Sony (and the Hypermedia Research Center); a series of posters and publicity materials for Tübingen Universität, Germany; the University of Santa Barbara, California and Trinity College Dublin; and recreating the title sequence of Hitchcock’s Psycho for a version of the movie with a kitten only cast! (Stratton productions).

Design Software:
Photoshop. After Effects. Vector drawing software (Illustrator/Freehand/Inkscape etc). Also audio software such as Audition and Audacity.

In Addition:
After working on several short films in various capacities, I became co-editor and production co-ordinator of a 35mm feature film, Dark Waters, shot on location in Russia and the Ukraine (1992-1993).
Since 2002, I have also been heavily involved in TV and film creative development. As a freelance screenwriter, story consultant and editor I have sold several feature length screenplays and story pitches.

I am keen to unify my screenwriting and interactive design skills and have been working on an interactive film idea.

I am also currently developing a graphic novel.

Please contact me for referees or further information.