Digital Image Restoration

I restore damaged and inferior quality digital archival images and ready them for print and/or online publication.

A typical case: An academic, author or researcher over the course of many years may have collected hundreds of images from archives around the world. These may come in the form of photocopies, scans of microfilm and manuscripts, self-made photographs (often in poor lighting because of flash restrictions), or, more recently, as actual digital files, albeit of very low resolution or over compression. In some cases, these are the only extant copies.

The quality of the images is often inadequate and unsuitable for journal and book publication.

I clean and remove (digital and physical) flaws, such a sticky tape, rips & creases, and backing page text bleed-through, and, where possible, re-scan, and recreate missing information such as text, artist sketch lines, or over-exposed areas.
I also apply other typical image corrections such a brightness/contrast, colour saturation, removal of red tint etc.

Most recent clients include: Heidelberg University, Germany, and The Genesis Museum.

Below, some 'before and after' examples (click to enlarge):